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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Riding the T Wave

This was the result of an EKG consult request email, which I think came out really well. The goal was to incorporate some aspect of the ocean in the waveform, and the requester came up with the brilliant idea to turn the T wave into a sea wave. After a bit of trimming and adjusting the tattoo was complete.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The person who received this tattoo intended to adjust the T wave to appear like an ocean wave. The T wave is the final shape in the heartbeat (which in this case obviously looks like a wave of water). If you desire a normal EKG waveform without coastal imagery, this is still a fine place to start. Check out part I of my EKG primer for more information on the normal sinus rhythm.

Thank you E.W. for allowing me to post this tattoo.

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