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The Health Care Tattoos database contains tattoo ideas which have been vetted by a paramedic for medical accuracy. Don't ink something onto your body forever without first knowing for certain what it means. Browse this site for tattoo ideas, and submit photos of your medical tattoos for the benefit of others to healthcaretattoos@gmail.com.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

About This Site

My first post at stupidheartrhythms.blogspot.com

Hello, my name is Drew Rinella. I am a paramedic with a special pet peeve: bad EKGs. Several years ago I began a crusade against bad and wrong EKGs used in advertising in a blog at https://stupidheartrhythms.blogspot.com. In the process of making fun of some bad EKG tattoos, I accidentally stumbled into discovering that there is great interest in this topic.

I welcomed people to begin emailing me for EKG tattoo consulting. Simply, I would let them know if their EKG drawing was accurate or inaccurate, and help them determine which part of their EKGs would look best for something they intend to etch into their flesh forever.

In doing so, I found that most people do not get these tattoos on a whim as I had originally thought; these tattoos have deep meaning to heir owners. Quite often a child or other loved one has died, and the person I am speaking with wishes to be tattooed with their memory. I have been touched by so many people and their heart breaking stories from all over the world in these past years that I felt a calling to create a database of good and medically accurate tattoo ideas for people to browse through.

I still provide tattoo consulting free of charge at healthcaretattoos@gmail.com. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any question relevant to obtaining medically accurate tattoos. If in the case I don't know the answer, I will do my best to find that information for you. I must provide this disclaimer that I cannot provide medical advice to you, and no patient/provider relationship may be established through this free service. Please scrub all identifying information from any photos you send me, and please don't use full names when describing medical conditions to ensure your anonymity is maximized. Please remember that emails can be and are intercepted by third parties, especially if you are writing to me from outside the US, and that any unencrypted information can be read by others no differently than reading a post card.

To submit photos of your own health care tattoos to be included in the database for the benefit of others, please email them to healthcaretattoos@gmail.com with a note that I have permission to post them to the database. It is also helpful to know if I may or may not use your name for photo credit.

If you are an artist wishing to sell your health care tattoo art through this site, email me at the above address.

Thank you for reading,

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